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60 Hz Club Berlin Light Controlling - The Making Of

The Making-Of of the 60 Hz Club in Berlin, Kreuzberg, a case study of light controlled by sound using a combination of unique MXWendler Stage Designer features:

  • Light design for a techno club using light bulbs
  • Two additional video outputs for presentations and VJing
  • Convincing athmosphere with no more than 20 DMX channels
  • Using expressions to turn sound into light motion
  • MXWendler Stage Designer running on an Intel NUC


26x10 light bulbs at the ceiling

1x Intel NUC i5-3427U 2x2.80GHz / Intel HD 4000

1x iiyama ProLite Touchscreen 15"

2x Benq W523 Projector

7x DMX Controller Eurolite 4CH

1x Enttec DMX-USB-Pro

1x Behringer UFO202 USB-Audio-Interface

Sound to Light 60 HZ Berlin
Waldemarstraße Berlin

Light Planning

For a unique look the light bulbs can be rotated 180°.

Without any Video effect you can easily create a lot of patterns - easily rearranging the bulbs by hand.

Lightning Setup
Arrangement Preview

This sketch shows how the bulbs are placed at the ceiling.

Light Planning
Illuminant Arrangement (Picture ©

Cable Layout

Cable Layout
How to setup your Sound-to-Light environment

Intel NUC

4x USB (Keyboard, Mouse, Enttec, Midi Controller)

2x MiniDisplayPort (Projectors)

1x HDMI (UI-Screen)

1x Ethernet

Stage Designer
Intel NUC (Picture ©


Lighting Controller
DMX512 (Picture ©

Eurolite Dimmerpack

Eurolite EDX4
Dimmerpack 4 Channel (Picture ©

Radium Penlight

Radium Kristallina
Dimmable Single Based Penlight (Picture ©

DMX Grabber




Setup Keystone
DMX Grabber

Setup DMX Fixture

DMX Fixture Setup

Sound-to-Light Expression

Stage Designer Expression
Linking Equalizer to Clip Rotation


60Hz Club Berlin
26x10 light bulbs
MXWendler DMX-Grabber (Sound-to-Light)


If you are interested in this setup and the used technology and techniques, write an email to

BossLady "60Hz"
60Hz Berlin