No stage or scene is like any another. In modern stage design, the projection is just as important as the content. Video for the stage should be both flexible and dependable – flexible in rehearsals and stable in performance. MXWendler FXServer and Stage Designer offer the functions that are required for impressive performances:

A high-performance cue-based playlist for video, timelines for precise animations, video mapping, and an ultra-fast Live SDI camera connection.

DNT Weimar

In the play „Wittgensteins Neffe“ two pianos became a screen through videoprojection creating a connection between objects on a stage with limited décor. This way the act of playing the piano was supplied by a narration strongly linked to the act of making music and to the feelings of the characters.

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Wittgensteins Neffe / DNT Weimar
Weimar, Germany

Gullivers Travels

A funny, charming and remarkeable realization creation
of a giant:
The game of small and large in Gullivers Travels was inscenated by using a Live Camera projecting Gulliver on a screen, making his projected picture gigantic compared to the accompagning real actors on the same stage. On the one side there is the miniature world: the technical island, where Gulliver is acting into the live camera. At the other side we see the "normal" world of the Liliputs. Every experience and contact with the giant Gulliver is communicated by the screen next to the Liliputs: they just acting with the projection of Gulliver. Noteworthy was the difficulty for the actors, at one side Liliputs acting with a screen and for Gulliver acting solely into the live camera.

Gullivers Travels / DNT Weimar
Weimar, Germany

Schauspiel Essen

"Kaspar Häuser Meer"
Produced by Schauspiel Essen
Staging: Thomas Ladwig
Stage Design: Ulrich Leitner
Videographie & Sounddesign: Karolin Killig
Lighting: Daniela Schulze

Karolin Killig / "Kaspar Häuser Meer"
Essen, Germany
Till Poehlmann Lightpainting
Berlin, Germany


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