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German National Theater Facade Projection -The Making Of

The Making-Of of the German National Theater facade projection performed at the Genius Loci Weimar Festival 2014. The show features a remarkable setup including

  • Large building with >60 meters in width
  • Cover the facade yet exclude the statue
  • 3x Barco HDX W20 Projectors
  • 4K media resolution in image sequences
  • 30 Frames per second for extra fluent motions
  • PA for 5000 viewers


3 x Barco Projector

HDX W20 lens 2.0–3.0

provided by AED Germany


1 x Fibre Extender, 50m

1 x MXWendler FXServer 6Head

1x Tascam US-1800 USB-Audio-Interface

1 x Iiyama ProLite E2278HD UI-Screen

4 x DisplayPort-to-DVI-Adapter

1 x HK Audio T-Series 2x Stack

1 x Midas X32 Digital Mixer

1 x Sennheiser EW300G2 True Diversity

Facade Projection Deutsches Nationaltheater
Theaterplatz Weimar

Projector Planning

The projectors were placed with the size of the building and the position of the statue in mind. The building should be fully covered without having the statue throwing a shadow. Two projector towers for three projectors were planned, on the right tower two projectors covering the top and the right bottom, on the left tower the third projector covering the left bottom. The FXServer and the PA amplifier was positioned in the right tower.

Calculating Projector Setup
Arrangement Preview

This sketch shows how the projector towers are placed to circumvent the statue in the middle of the place. Also only two towers could be used, and there was only one fibre optics extender neccesary. Both optimizations reduce material cost and setup time.

The numbers in the beams are the numbers of the assigned windows screens in the Windows 7 screen setup (see below).

Projector Planning
Projector Arrangement

Projector Tower

The projector towers are constructed of standard scaffolding gear. In their bottom there is a one cubic meter water tank to guarantee stability.

Build Up Projector Tower
2 Towers for 3 Projectors



3 x HDX W20  with lens 2.0 – 3.0

1 x Fibre Extender, 50m





Build up Barco Projector


Processor Intel i7 4790@3.60GHz

GPU AMD FirePro W8000

Motherboard Gigabyte Z87-DS3H

RAM 16GB Kingston HyperX

Storage 2x Samsung SSD

Audio Tascam US-1800

Software MXWendler FXServer

MXWendler FXServer
Intel i7 4790 // AMD W8000 // 16 GB Ram // SSD

Setup Video-Out

The windows 7 64 Bit system with an AMD Fire Pro graphics card was connected with the user interface monitor and the three projectors using Displayport-to-DVI converters. The connection to the second tower was realized with a Fibre Extender. To avoid EDID complications, EDID managers were used.

Projector Setup
1x ground left / 1 ground right / 1 top center

Windows Setup

The windows setup reflects the projector setup. On the left the user interface monitor, on the right the three projectors. The FXServer output windows covers all over the three projectors.

Windows Screen Setup
MXWendler Mediaserver


Depending on the projector setup and the projector resolution you can calculate  the final resolution.

2 x WUXGA (width) = 3840x1200 - Overlap = 3600x1200

2 x WUXGA (height)= 1920x2400 - Overlap = 1920x2200

Final Clip Resolution: 3600x2200

Template Facade Deutsches Nationaltheater
Resolution 3600x2200

This template was created by the artists to simplify the keystoning setup. Due to the large terace of the theater and the facade front row of columns there are shadows in the rear parts of the entrance. The artists decided to optimize this area.

Template Keystoning
Setup Mask


The colored template mapped onto the facade. The artists used 2-way radio sets and binoculars for efficient setup, so one person could stay at the machine and enter the values while another was closer to the building and had a better view for the mapping details.

Keystoning Facade DNT
FXServer Keystone Engine


HK Audio T-Series 2x Stack, incl. Amp and Controller

Midas X32 Digital Mixer + Digital Stage Box

Sennheiser EW300G2 True Diversity receiver

PA System Front
HKAudio L5 (Picture ©


Deutsches Nationaltheater
Framerate 30FPS
PNG-Imagesequence with 24090 frames
Resolution 3600x2200
Length 13:38 minutes

16Bit Stereo .wav audio file

If you are interested in this setup and the used technology and techniques, write an email to "KLANG 3"
Theaterplatz Weimar