Many large and internationally renowned clubs use MXWendler FXServer and Stage Designer to control their LED walls and light installations. This is where Stage Designer’s ‚generative design‘ really comes into effect, namely the conversion of sound into light, in conjunction with effects and internal feedback.

This ‚generative design‘ enables the lighting designer/VJ to create an impressive array of dynamic and aesthetic visuals from a minimum of footage.

60 Hz Berlin




Watergate Berlin

Using video as a light source. from Berlin built this jaw-dropping unique and innovative club interior. They were the first to unleash the full potential of led lighting in a very tasteful way. MXWendler and e:cue built the software architecture to play and control these walls.

Watergate Website

Berlin, Germany

Biennale Pavilion Sao Paulo

The world-famous architecture studio UNStudio from Netherlands built a remarkeable pavilion at the Biennale in Sao Paulo. Both MXWendler and Zumtobel were chosen to deliver the technical equipment for the pavilions controlled LED lighting.

MXWendler FXServer controlled Capix lightchains via Artnet using a lossless video codec developed solely for this purpose.

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Biennale Pavilion
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sepalot Black Sky Tour

When our friend SEPALOT asked us to design a portable videomapping stage design for his upcoming club tour, we knew it had to be something special. And when Stefan came up with the idea of isometric fonts, we knew we had found that special something.

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Weimar, Germany

Querfeld Stage Fusion Festival


We had big fun in June at the Fusion Festival 2011! An MXWendler FXServer served 6 projectors at the Querfeld Stage.

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Fusion Querfeld
Lärz, Germany