Galleria Centercity

The strategy for the building enclosure consists of creating an optical illusion. The facades feature two layers of customized aluminium extrusion profiles on top of a back layer of composite aluminium cladding. The vertical profiles of the top layer are straight; but those of the back layer are angled. This results in a wave-like appearance, which changes with the viewpoint of the spectator (Moiré effect).

On the facade a gradual transition from exterior surface to the interior plateaus accentuates the internal organisation. The lighting design was developed in parallel with the architecture and capitalizes on the double layered facade structure. To achieve the large media surface with a minimum of lighting fixtures and light spill, the specially designed and custom produced fixtures are integrated within the mullions of the outer facade layer. Invisible from the outside, these fixtures project light back onto the inner clad facade layer, in-between the vertical mullions. At the corners of the building the low resolution media walls fluidly turn into a high resolution zone, capable of displaying information with more detail.