Various workflows, explained in two minutes

Stage Designer and FXServer usage tutorials

The simplest way to get started is watching a video tutorial. It will make you familiar with the concepts, the terms and the workflows of our software. The step-by-step tutorials are taken from our manual ( check for the PDF in the download section ) and from our Wiki.

1. Tutorial: Opening Video

2. Tutorial: Opening Live Video

3. Tutorial - Open an Image Sequence

4. Tutorial: Triggering four media with the keyboard

5. Tutorial: Coupling Video with Effects and Audio Signals

6. Tutorial: Creating Feedback

Generate a vivid visual from images and Feedback
(based on tutorial 6)

7. Tutorial: Creating a Playlist

8. Tutorial: Playlist Details

9. Tutorial: Keystone, play two videos across two projectors

10. Tutorial: Mapping a box

Demo: TouchOSC + MXWendler Stage Designer

Architectural videomapping: create a video composition and map it onto architectural surfaces