The mobile media server for
guest productions, touring theaters and small theaters.

You need a media server if you want to use multiple output devices or media at an event. It bundles a wide variety of media types, inputs, and outputs into one multimedia show in one system.

In this way, a media server expands the possibilities of creative work and can be used in numerous applications and industries.

Our GastspielServer is a media server that can handle up to 3 outputs and 4 inputs in one system. At the same time, it remains easy to use and mobile. Its components are optimally matched - with tested and guaranteed performance.

For professional use, the GastspielServer offers essential features such as EDID management, multi-monitor configuration, output to SDI and certified input cards for extremely low latencies in live video.

You can configure your GastspielServer individually as a rollable 19" unit. This makes it suitable for air and rail travel.

The super quiet and mobile guest performance server is the media server for guest performance productions, touring theaters and smaller theaters.

Hardware Features

Software Features