Planning exhibitions, events and architecture

Immersive Rooms and Video Mapping

The art and exhibition world is in a state of upheaval. The interest in interactive multimedia exhibitions and events using video projections in the form of immersive rooms or video mapping has exploded in recent years and is thrilling audiences worldwide.

Due to our years of experience with projector projections outdoors, for example in building projections for events, as well as our expertise in indoor video installations through wall projections, ceiling projections and floor projections for immersive experiences in museums and exhibitions, we are the perfect partner for your project.

With the FXServer media server and the StageDesigner software as the cornerstone, we offer various services for museums, exhibitions, festivals or events in the field of video mapping or projection mapping and immersive experiences.

If desired, we accompany your project from start to finish and assist you in planning, tendering, implementation, technical questions, installation and creation of content and implement requirements of architects, media planners, curators and exhibition makers together with you.

Immersive Rooms

Video Mapping