Mediaservers, prebuilt and pre-installed for more than six outputs from a single system: FXServer is the MXWendler media server with hardware included. The components of the system are precisely tailored to the media server software, with optimal, tested and guaranteed performance.

For professional operation, FXServer provides all vital features such as EDID management, genlock/frame lock synchronisation and optimised interfaces – DirectGMA – for extremely fast and low-latency integration of live video.

FXServer comes in a 19“ rack case with a professional connector panel at the front and a high-quality external audio unit. On request, a Mac OSX version is also available.

Hardware built to fit the software. The FXServer is a prebuilt mediaserver ready for employment. It offers configurations from 2 to 10 and more outputs on VGA, DVI, HDMI and SDI. The servers can be customized for size, disk speed, accessibility, robustness, transportability, input and output options.



The FXServer is prebuilt and performance-ready with the mediaserver software bundle and additional hardware included. There are different hardware options available, e.g.

. Low-latency FBAS, SDI and DVI/VGA video input
. ASIO multi-channel audio devices
. VISCA camera control
. DMX control
. MIDI control
. Genlock synced multi-screen video output




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