The Stage Designer software is developed for OSX, Linux and Windows. It runs on common computer hardware, from laptops to high-end workstations, with impressive performance.

The Stage Designer ensures that working with media server software is as straightforward as possible. A cue-based video show can be compiled in a few simple steps: Import media, create a playlist, warp the output – ready.

Video in 4K, 8K, Live and Lossless Full HD

Support for different media types that serve simple and complex scenarios: ad-hoc rehearsals made with tiny 3G clips up to highest-resolution multi-projector-spanning image sequences.

. Video in h264 and mpeg2 up to 4K and beyond, both as AVI and Quicktime
. Video in any format when supported by the well-known VLC player
. Built-in 'frame blending slow motion' for video media
. Image sequences for superb performance and ultra-high resolutions
. Image sequences for lossless playout to e.g. LED walls
. Images in jpg, bmp, png with alpha and many more
. Rich text in any format, color, font, length and size
. Simple and efficient text for subtiles
. Live video like web cams, SDI, FBAS
. OSX: Syphon in and out
. Shockwave flash


Organize playout of media as cues with the playlist:

. Trigger video, audio, image and live capture media manually
. Repeat or jump inside cues depending on time and date
. Change the keystone/mapping setup
. Run animations with timelines
. Issue fades and commands
. Send Midi and DMX values

Keystone and Videomapping

'Mapping' is the heart of the Stage Designer video engine: mapping means to match the video output from the playlist with physical objects in the projection beam.

. Scale, rotate, mirror, color and mask the output
. Warp video onto walls perspectively
. Warp video curved onto concave and convex walls
. Create projector panoramas using softedges
. Mask out parts of the output with a bitmask drawing tool
. Import 3D and SVG vector objects and assign video layers to object surfaces
. Grab portions of the output and send it via DMX and Art-Net
. Grab portions of the output and send it as network video

Audio output into up to 64 different audio channels:

ASIO Multichannel audio output is a system audio interface, that allows you to select and control up to 64 audio channels differently. It is possible to route individual clips audio tracks ( stereo or 5.1 ) to individual audio channels.

.Send 5.1 signals to your audio mixing desk
.Route video stereo streams into to different inputs of your mixing desk


Stage Designer

  • 2-Head* with full Keystone and full Playlist unlocked
  • Email order
  • The Linux Version is free until 12/22!
(excl. VAT)
Stage Designer
  • 2-Head* with full Keystone or full Playlist unlocked
  • Email order
  • The Linux Version is free until 12/22!
(excl. VAT)

Stage Designer 'Artist'

  • Like Pro
  • For charity and non-professional
  • Buy via email order
  • The Linux Version is free until 12/22!
(excl. VAT)
Hardware Dongle
  • Use USB dongle instead of soft key. Safer in everyday use and easy migration between systems
(excl. VAT and Postage)

* The Stage Designer software is license-limited to two video outputs in Full HD: two times 1080p. You can use more projectors if you operate them on a smaller resolution. As an example four WXGA projectors (4x1280x800) fit into two Full HD (2x1920x1080). Up to four Full HD outputs are available as a software option. Beyond this we recommend using our FXServer line.