The Stage Designer software is developed for OSX, Linux and Windows. It runs on common computer hardware, from laptops to high-end workstations, with impressive performance.

The Stage Designer ensures that working with media server software is as straightforward as possible. A cue-based video show can be compiled in a few simple steps: Import media, create a playlist, warp the output – ready.

'Mapping' is the heart of the Stage Designer video engine: mapping means to match the video output from the playlist with physical objects in the projection beam.

. Scale, rotate, mirror, color and mask the output
. Warp video onto walls perspectively
. Warp video curved onto concave and convex walls
. Create projector panoramas using softedges
. Mask out parts of the output with a bitmask drawing tool
. Import 3D and SVG vector objects and assign video layers to object surfaces
. Grab portions of the output and send it via DMX and Art-Net
. Grab portions of the output and send it as network video

Video in 4K, 8K, Live and Lossless Full HD

Support for different media types that serve simple and complex scenarios: ad-hoc rehearsals made with tiny 3G clips up to highest-resolution multi-projector-spanning image sequences.

. Video in h264 and mpeg2 up to 4K and beyond, both as AVI and Quicktime
. Video in any format when supported by the well-known VLC player
. Built-in 'frame blending slow motion' for video media
. Image sequences for superb performance and ultra-high resolutions
. Image sequences for lossless playout to e.g. LED walls
. Images in jpg, bmp, png with alpha and many more
. Rich text in any format, color, font, length and size
. Simple and efficient text for subtiles
. Live video like web cams, SDI, FBAS
. OSX: Syphon in and out
. Shockwave flash


Organize playout of media as cues with the playlist:

. Trigger video, audio, image and live capture media manually
. Repeat or jump inside cues depending on time and date
. Change the keystone/mapping setup
. Run animations with timelines
. Issue fades and commands
. Send Midi and DMX values

Keystone and Videomapping